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Advantages Of Aluminium Car Radiators and Aluminum Cooling Fin

Price Advantages Of Aluminium Car Radiators

The main function of the cooling fin of the auto radiator is to dissipate the heat. Because the price of aluminum alloy is lower than that of other materials, and the heat dissipation effect is better, aluminum alloy is also favored by the electrical industry.

Advantages Of Aluminium Car Radiators Regarding Materials - Lightweight & Easy-to-process

There are two commonly used materials for cooling fin: copper and aluminum alloy. Although copper has good thermal conductivity, it is more expensive, more difficult to process, heavier, and has a small heat capacity, and it is easy to oxidize and thus be discarded. Aluminum alloy is just the opposite of it, so the cooling fins of all-aluminum radiators are mostly made of aluminum alloy.

Because pure aluminum is too soft to be used directly, most of us use aluminum alloy. The advantages of aluminium car radiators are low price and lightweight, but the thermal conductivity is much worse than that of copper. Some radiators make full use of their own strengths and embed a copper plate on the base of the aluminum alloy radiator.

Advantages Of Aluminium Car Radiators

Advantages Of Aluminium Car Radiators Regarding Performance

The wholesale car radiator made with aluminum is not only beautiful in appearance, light in weight, and good in heat dissipation performance but also has a better energy-saving effect. The surface of the all-aluminum radiator will form a protective film on the oxidized surface, which increases the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the aluminum. All-aluminum radiators are widely used in machinery, automotive, and other industries due to their superior performance.

Through the above content, CBD, as a professional car radiator manufacturer, believes that everyone has a certain understanding of aluminum alloy cooling fins. The application of aluminum alloy auto radiators is so common due to their distinguishing advantage. Guangzhou ChiBenDa Automobile Radiator Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and customization of aluminum auto radiators. Customers in need are welcome to consult!

Advantages Of Aluminium Car Radiators

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