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The Selection of Radiating Tube and Radiating Belt in Car Radiator Elements

Ⅰ. The radiating tube is the basic element of the car radiator

The radiating tube and the radiating belt are the basis of the core assembly of the car radiator, and are the most basic elements for the heat dissipation of the car radiator. How to choose radiator pipe and radiator belt is the first step to make a radiator. So how to choose a radiating tube?

Ⅱ. The choice of car radiator element radiating tube

1. As a commonly used radiating tube, The seam pipe used in the traditional soldered copper wholesale car radiator, the seamless aluminum pipe used in the assembled aluminum vehicle radiator, or the high-frequency welded pipe used in the aluminum welded car radiator, or the B-type pipe, cannot enhance the heat release on the cooling water side. Therefore, in designing a car radiator for sale, sufficient heat dissipation area should be reserved for the cooling water, which is the area of the radiating tube. The formula K=1/(1/α1+δ/λ+1/α2) shows that in order to reduce the weight of the car radiator, reducing the number of the radiating tube is one way. But it should be noted that the number of radiating tubes is also limited by the engine water pump.

2. The radiating tube used in the tube belt type car radiator is a flat tube, and its size, form and tube row are related to the efficiency of the fan and the entire system. If it is only in terms of heat release, it is more advantageous to use a round tube or a radiating tube whose cross-sectional length and width ratio is not too great, which is conducive to the turbulence of the air outside the radiating tube. However, it reduces the net surface ratio of the car radiator core and improves the wind resistance.

The theory used for the heat release coefficient of the radiating tube on the air side is the "swept tube bundle" theory. Therefore, the increase in the number of rows of the radiating tube of the car radiator is beneficial to the heat release on the air side. But the more swept tube bundles, the greater the wind resistance. Therefore, when the fan power and system efficiency allow, you can choose a radiating tube with a relatively small cross-sectional length and set more pipe rows.

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