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The Choice of the Radiating Belt of Car Radiator

The radiating belt is the center of the car radiator core. Its choice is extremely important. The choice of radiating belt can be selected according to the following points:

Ⅰ. The car radiator should choose a smaller belt height

The heat transfer of the heat dissipation belt of the wholesale car radiator element is approximated by the "long rod theory", that is, its temperature only changes with the change of its height. For the radiating belt between the two rows of radiating tubes, the temperature in the middle of the radiating belt is the lowest. If the belt height of the radiating belt increases, the lower the temperature at this point, resulting in a lower average temperature of the entire radiating belt, the lower the average logarithmic temperature difference with the cold fluid, reducing the heat dissipation capacity. However, a radiating belt with a smaller height will make the net surface of the entire core assembly smaller and increase air resistance. Therefore, the belt height of the radiating belt of the automobile radiators element is a comprehensive evaluation data, and it cannot be generalized.

Ⅱ. The thickness of the material of the radiating belt

Because of the thinning of the material, the efficiency of the radiating belt of the vehicle radiator element is reduced, but when the thickness increases to 1mm, the composition of the efficiency with the increase in thickness is already small. But this is not a good way, it can only be used as a reference for selecting materials. After all, thinning material of the radiating belt is a trend today. Moreover, the reduction in the efficiency of the radiating belt caused by the thinning of the material can be compensated through other channels.

Ⅲ. The choice of the right sun roof for car radiator

Choosing the right sunroof is an important means to improve the heat dissipation capacity of the car radiator. When the viscosity of the air flows through the surface of the radiating belt of the car radiator element, an extremely thin air film on the surface of the radiating belt is formed, which wraps the entire radiating belt. In this gas film, heat can only be transmitted in the form of conduction. The thermal conductivity of air is extremely poor. Therefore, the layer of gas film (referred to as the adhesion layer in hydrodynamics) is the main source of thermal resistance of the radiating belt. In fact, it accounts for more than 50% of the thermal resistance of the entire radiator core. How to destroy these adhesion layers has become an important subject in the study of car radiators. Opening a series of skylights on the radiating belt of the car radiator element is a means of destroying the adhesion layer and also the most effective means commonly used at present.

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