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Selection of Raw Materials for Car Radiator Cores

1. The choice of raw materials for car radiator cores

It can be known from the heat transfer principle of the car radiator that the heat release coefficient of the car radiator includes heat conduction, which is δ/λ. Therefore, when we select materials, it would be great if we can choose materials with higher thermal conductivity. This was particularly prominent in the early production of the car radiator. There was once an auto parts factory that produced the wholesale car radiator made of silver for destroyers. The main reason is that the thermal conductivity of silver is very high. But silver is a very expensive and rare metal after all, so copper with thermal conductivity second only to silver has become an important raw material for the manufacture of the car radiator, and the radiating belt is made of copper. Because the strength of red copper is not as good as brass, due to the limitation of the strength of the radiating tube, the radiating tube is usually made of brass, such as H90 and H70.

2. The emergence of the aluminum car radiator

With the deeper understanding of the theory of the car radiator, some materials that replace copper have also appeared one after another. For example, the current popular aluminum car radiators. The reason why the aluminum car radiator replaces the copper one is not only because it can reduce the weight per unit of heat dissipation, but also can be explained from the theory of the car radiator: theoretical and practical experience can prove that in the heat release coefficient, the proportion of materials is about 5%, and the structure of the radiator core assembly and the quality of welding account for 95%. Therefore, improving the structure of the radiator core assembly and increasing the welding rate of the radiating tube and the radiating belt can completely make up for the insufficient heat conduction of the radiator material. This is the basis for replacing the copper car radiator with the aluminum car radiator.

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