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Introduction of the Cross-flow Car Radiator

1. Introduction to the cross-flow car radiator

The coolant inside the cross-flow car radiator flows into the car radiator from the left water chamber or the right water chamber, and then flows directly to another water chamber. The direction of water flow is horizontal. This form of car radiator is composed of left and right water chambers, radiator cores, corresponding side plates, windshields.

2. The working principle of the cross-flow car radiator

Among them, the water inlet chamber is equipped with a water inlet pipe and a water drain switch; the water outlet side chamber is equipped with a water inlet and a water outlet pipe. Although it is a cross-flow wholesale car radiator, it must also follow the action of the cooling liquid by the earth's gravity to gain the power of flow, according to the principle of "the water inlet is on the top and the water outlet is on the bottom", the water inlet and the water inlet are not on one side. The structure of the core is the same as that of the vertical flow type, and it is also composed of the left and right main boards (sheets), radiating tubes, and radiating belts (sheets). The inlet and outlet tubes on the left and right water chambers are respectively connected with the outlet tube on the engine cylinder head and the water inlet of the water pump to form the water circulation system of the engine. When the water temperature and pressure inside the automobile radiators are high, the steam valve water of the inlet cover is opened, and the internal coolant enters the auxiliary kettle through the overflow pipe as temporary storage. When the internal pressure is low, the vacuum valve in the water filler cap is opened, and the coolant in the auxiliary kettle will return to the interior of the radiator under pressure.

With the development of science and technology, other forms of auto radiators for sale will appear, but the general structure is the same, but the combination of the water chamber and the core is different, and the materials are different. The products we provide are the all-aluminum frame car radiator.

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