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Car Intercooler

Car Radiator is the Key Component of Cooling System

1. Car radiator is a key component of the cooling system

At present, a forced circulation water cooling system is basically used on automobile engines. The cooling system consists of fans (some equipped with fan clutches), water pumps, water jackets (interlayer space made on the cylinder head or cylinder block), car radiators, shutters, thermostats, expansion tanks/storage tanks, water pipes, water temperature gauges and sensors (water temperature, liquid level), etc. Among them, the car radiator is a key component of the water-cooled engine cooling system. The car radiator cools the engine through forced water circulation, which is a heat exchange device that ensures the engine to work continuously within the normal temperature range.

2. The function of the car radiator

The development history of the car radiator: the first car radiator for sale appeared in 1901, the production of the car radiator began in 1904, and the car radiator industry began to develop in 1935. Structural development of the car radiator: tube-fin flat sheet structure, tube-fin window structure, copper tube-belt flat sheet structure, copper tube-belt window structure, aluminum car radiator, copper-plastic water tank or aluminum plastic water tank. The function of the automobile radiators is to divide the hot water flowing out of the water jacket into many small water streams to increase the heat dissipation area and accelerate the cooling of the water.

3. The radiator core of the car radiator

Radiator core of car radiator: The core of auto radiators for sale is composed of many cooling tubes and heat sinks. The radiator core of the car radiator needs as large a heat dissipation area as possible. The use of heat sinks is to increase the heat dissipation area of the radiator core. There are many structures of radiator cores, including two commonly used tube-fin and tube-belt types.

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