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Maintenance and Improvement Measures of Aluminum Car Radiators

Ⅰ. Maintenance of aluminum car radiators

The material used for aluminum car radiators is very thin. Although the heat dissipation efficiency is very obvious, it is easily damaged by external impacts. At the same time, aluminum with very strong metal mobility, is also very susceptible to corrosion exposed to strong acid and alkali, so the following points are particularly emphasized:

1. Avoid direct outside impact, especially the impact of sharp objects which is likely to cause damage to aluminum car radiators.

2. The added coolant should avoid strong acid and alkali. In view that the wholesale car radiator needs to be added with coolant, if the PH value of the added medium is between 5 and 9, the aluminum car radiators will not be corroded. However, special measures for internal anti-corrosion treatment of our car radiators are adopted, which can ensure that our aluminum car radiators will not be corroded during use.

3. Clean the car radiator regularly. Sometimes users may add some unclean coolant, which will produce some scales inside the car radiator and affect the heat dissipation performance of the car radiator, so the inside of the car radiator should be cleaned after a period of use.

Ⅱ. Measures to improve the heat dissipation performance of the car radiator

1. As far as possible, adopt a design with less emission, which can minimize the air vortex between the rows of tubes.

2. Try to use a design with a large distance that can ensure the air can pass through the core of the car radiator and improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the radiator.

3. The heat sink adopts a certain window opening angle. The use of a certain window opening angle for the heat sink is very effective for the overall car radiator. Usually, the window opening angle we use is 30±3°. Within this angle range, the heat dissipation efficiency of the car radiator can be maximized.

4. The front area is as large as possible. Because the front windward area determines the heat dissipation capacity of the car radiator, the maximum use of a radiator with a large front area can exert the heat dissipation capacity of the same radiator.

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