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Car Intercooler

How to Judge Car Intercooler Clogging? What Are the Symptoms if It is Broken?

The car intercooler is an important part of the heat dissipation system of the car turbine. If the intercooler is damaged, some problems may be prone to occur. What are the symptoms if the intercooler is broken down? Today, we will show you the working principle of the intercooler and the performance of the damaged intercooler, and provide a specific method on how to judge the blockage of the intercooler.

First of all, the intercooler can only be seen on turbocharged models. The function of the car intercooler is to improve the ventilation efficiency of the engine. It is set between the engine and the supercharger, so it is also called a middle-cooler, or intercooler for short.

1. The cause of the blockage of the car intercooler

Use inferior air filters. Part of the pipeline at the intake end of the turbocharger is ruptured. The clip is loose, the seal is lax, and the supercharger body is damaged by oil channeling, etc. If these conditions are found, we can basically judge that the intercooler is blocked.

2. Symptoms of a broken car intercooler

Since the car intercooler is only a simple heat dissipation mechanical part, the general damage of it is rupture and air leakage. The symptoms of a broken intercooler are as follows:

(1) The symptoms of air leakage in the intercooler are that the power will drop, the fuel consumption will increase, the exhaust temperature will rise slightly, and black smoke will be emitted if the combustion is insufficient. Over time, it will easily lead to a large amount of carbon deposits on the valve and cylinder head.

(2) The supercharger does not work, and it will cause oil leakage at the pressure end of the supercharger (but the supercharger is not damaged).

(3) If the intercooler is seriously damaged, it is possible to inhale sand into the cylinder thus to accelerate the wear of the cylinder.

Fill the intercooler with an aqueous solution containing 2% soda ash (the temperature of the cleaning solution should be 70-80°C), wait for 15 minutes, and see if there is any water leakage in the car intercooler. Where there's water marks, there's a leak in the intercooler. The solution is to remove the intercooler assembly for welding repair (same as the repair of water tank). If no water leakage is found, you can shake the intercooler back and forth several times, pour out the cleaning solution, and then use compressed air to blow it clean and dry it naturally.

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