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Car Intercooler

The Important Role of Automotive Intercooler

1. Introduction of automotive intercooler

The term "automotive intercooler" may be very unfamiliar to most car owners, because this component has not been touched by most car owners, and because its structure is simple and reliable, and the relative failure rate is relatively low, and basically not mentioned in the maintenance process. Automotive intercoolers are mainly matched with turbocharged engines, which can be used in petrol or diesel vehicles.

2. The role of automotive intercooler

The turbocharged engine is mainly based on the principle of a naturally aspirated engine, adding a turbine device, which changes the compression ratio of the car engine. During the operation of the car, the excess kinetic energy is converted into air pressure by the operation of the turbine, allowing more air enter into the cylinder, saving gasoline and increasing power. The increase in air pressure will inevitably lead to an increase in gas temperature, which requires a neutralization device to reduce the conflict between high-temperature air and the cylinder, so there is the current automotive intercooler.

The automotive intercooler will increase the resistance of the air, which will reduce the charge air pressure of the engine intake and weaken the effect of the center. The most obvious and direct experience for driving is that the engine response becomes slower, and you need to wait for the accelerator to go down. It took a while for the speed and sound of the engine to follow. However, the automotive intercooler is the basic configuration of common models nowadays, only because its advantage is very obvious: it directly increases the power of the engine. The working principle of the automotive intercooler is like the heat dissipation of the CPU of our computer. Air cooling is that the cooling fins are always in the circulating air flow, allowing the cooler air to take away the temperature on the cooling fins.

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