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How to Deal with the Leakage of Auto Radiator?

The auto radiator is the main component in the auto cooling system. Its function is to dissipate heat. The cooling water absorbs heat in the water jacket, dissipates the heat after flowing to the radiator, and then returns to the water jacket. The cycle keeps  continuing so as to achieve the effect of heat dissipation and temperature adjustment. It is also an important part of the car engine.

The function of the cooling system is to dissipate the excess and useless heat in the engine from the engine, so that the engine can maintain operation under normal temperature at various speeds or driving conditions. If the car owner finds that the water tank is leaking, he can go to the repair shop to check and replace it with a new water tank.

1. Problems that car owners should consider if the auto radiator leaks

(1) Check whether the water tank cover has been fastened.

(2) Try to infuse air into the water tank, observe where the water of the aluminum car radiators leaks out when it is under pressure, and then decide the repair plan.

(3) Unscrew the engine oil cover and observe whether there are traces of engine oil emulsification. If so, disassemble the engine and replace the cylinder gasket.

(4) There is a problem with the quality of the water tank.

2. Treatment method for water leakage of auto radiator

(1) If the automobile radiator pipe ruptures and leaks due to car vibration or vehicle accidents during the driving of the car, measures can be taken according to the specific conditions: when the leaking place is a crack that does not exceed 1mm or 2mm hole, add a bottle of strong water tank plugging agent to your automobile radiator and get your car running.

(2) 5 to 10 minutes after turning on the cooling water to start the big cycle, whether it is the automobile radiator or rubber tube and various pads in the cooling system, the leakage will stop when there is water leakage. After the leakage is stopped, the cooling water does not need to be released, which will not affect the heat dissipation and cause blockage.

(3) If there is no plugging agent and the individual radiator pipes slightly leak water, you can temporarily put the pipe tobacco into the water tank, and use the water circulation pressure to block the tobacco in the leaking part of the auto radiator pipe for temporary use.

(4) If the leakage of the auto radiator is more serious, you can cut the leaking auto radiator pipe from the leaking place, block the cut radiator pipe with a cotton ball coated with soap, and then use pliers to clamp the cut head of the radiator pipe flat, then crimp it tightly to prevent water leakage.

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