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Car Intercooler

What Are the Common Types of Automotive Intercooler?

Ⅰ. The automotive intercooler is an important component of the supercharging system

The intercooler is generally only visible in a car with a turbocharger. Because the intercooler is a turbocharger accessory, its role is to improve the engine's air exchange efficiency. The automotive intercooler is an important component of the supercharging system for supercharged engines. An intercooler needs to be installed between the supercharger and the engine's intake manifold, whether it is a supercharged engine or a turbocharged engine. Because this radiator is located between the engine and the supercharger, it is also called an intercooler.

Ⅱ. Types of common automotive intercoolers

The role of the automotive intercooler is to reduce the temperature of the engine's intake of air. They are generally made of aluminum alloy material. According to different cooling media, common intercoolers can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled.

1. Air-cooled automotive intercooler

Use outside air to cool the air passing through the intercooler. The advantage is that the entire cooling system has fewer components, and the structure is relatively simpler than that of a water-cooled intercooler. The weakness is that the cooling efficiency is lower than that of the water-cooled intercooler and generally requires a longer connection pipeline, and the air passage resistance is larger. Air-cooled automotive intercoolers are widely used because of their simple structure and low manufacturing cost. Most turbocharged engines use air-cooled intercoolers, such as Huatai Terraca TCI off-road vehicles and FAW Volkswagen Bora. The engines on the 1.8T sedan all use air-cooled intercoolers.

2. Water-cooled automotive intercooler

Use circulating cooling water to cool the air passing through the intercooler. The advantage is that the cooling efficiency is higher, and the installation position is more flexible. There is no need to use a long connecting pipeline, making the entire intake pipeline smoother. The weakness is that a circulating water system relatively independent of the engine cooling system must cooperate with it. Therefore, the entire system has many components, high manufacturing costs, and a complex structure. The application of water-cooled automotive intercoolers is relatively small, and they are generally used in vehicles with mid-engine or rear-mounted engines and large-displacement engines. For example, Mercedes-Benz S400 CDI cars and Audi A8 TDI cars all use water-cooled intercooler.

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