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Do You Know Car Radiator?

Now many people have bought a car, but they have little knowledge about it. I wonder you have known what a radiator is. It is for heat dissipation. But the car radiator is different from the electric fan.

Ⅰ. The introduction to car radiator

The auto radiators for sale is also called automobile water tank. The car radiator is a key component of water-cooled engine cooling system. The car radiator cools the engine through forced water circulation, which is a heat exchange device that ensures that the engine works continuously within the normal temperature range. The temperature of the cooling water in the cylinder head is always maintained at 80~90℃.

Ⅱ. Compostion of the car radiator

The car radiator for sale is composed of upper water chamber, lower water chamber, radiator core and so on. There is a water filling port on the top of the water chamber of the car radiator, and the cooling water is injected into the entire cooling system and covered with a car radiator cap. The water inlet and outlet pipes are respectively installed in the upper and lower water chambers. The inlet and outlet pipes are respectively connected by rubber hoses to the outlet pipe of the cylinder head and the inlet pipe of the water pump, which is easy to install and can be used as an engine and a car radiator. Water will not leak when there is a small amount of displacement between them. A shock-absorbing pad is generally installed under the car radiator to prevent the car radiator from being damaged by vibration. There is also a water drain switch on the water outlet pipe of the lower water chamber of the car radiator, and the cooling water in the radiator can be drained if necessary.

The hot water from the engine water jacket is divided into many small strands from top to bottom or laterally and dissipates its heat to the surrounding air. Increase the heat dissipation area and accelerate the cooling of water. After the cooling water passes through the classic car radiators, its temperature can be reduced by 10 to 15°C. In order to take away the heat from the car radiator as soon as possible, a fan is installed behind the vehicle radiator to work with the radiator.

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