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Why Do Car Radiators Need Antifreeze?

When the car is running for a long time, the engine is often at a high temperature. It is necessary to cool the engine, and the car needs to be coole through the "water" in the car radiator. What water should be added to the car radiator to achieve the cooling effect? How to add water to the car radiator. Let's take a look at it.

1. When to add "water" to the car radiator

Do you think the aluminum car radiators are filled with water? Actually, they are not. This is antifreeze whose liquid level should be kept between min and max. If it is lower than min, the coolant of the same brand and specifications must be added or replaced. The choice of coolant is mainly based on the local minimum temperature, which is generally an all-season type when leaving the factory.

2. Can the car radiator use water instead of antifreeze?

Why can't you use tap water instead? Tap water has the advantage in terms of price and convenience, but tap water is easy to boil, which is unqualified. Antifreeze can cool down and control the temperature, and in addtion, there are many substances in tap water which is easy to generate rust, but the antifreeze is consumed very slowly with a certain cleaning effect after replacement.

In winter, if there is tap water in the car, it is very likely to be frozen when you are not using the car, but there is no problem with the antifreeze at minus 40 degrees, so above all antifreeze is the only and irreplaceable choice. The working environment of the universal racing radiator is inside the engine, and is responsible for the heat dissipation and cooling, so the working environment is very poor. Therefore, professional antifreeze must be used. Of course, cooling water is also available, but not in winter.

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