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Car Intercooler

Working Principle and Maintenance of Car Intercoolers

A considerable number of people will consider cars with a "T" when choosing a car, that is, a model with a turbocharged engine. Because the turbocharged engine has a higher ventilation efficiency than the natural intake of a normal engine, it has more power.

Working Principle Of Car Radiator

When the air enters the turbocharger, its temperature will rise sharply, and the density will decrease accordingly, and the automotive intercooler plays a role in cooling the air. The high-temperature air is cooled by the intercooler before entering the engine. If the intercooler is lacking and the supercharged high-temperature air enters the engine directly, the engine will knock or even damage the flameout due to the excessively high air temperature. The car intercooler is generally only visible in the car with the supercharger installed. Because the automotive intercooler is actually a turbocharged accessory, its function is to reduce the temperature of the high-temperature air after the boost, so as to reduce the thermal load of the engine, increase the intake air volume, and then increase the power of the engine.

Working Principle Of Car Radiator

Car Intercoolers Maintenance

The car intercoolers are normally installed in front of the engine and are cooled by the suction fan and the wind from the car. Poor cooling of the automotive intercooler will result in insufficient engine power and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the intercooler should be inspected and maintained regularly. Since the automotive intercooler is installed at the front, the radiator fin passage of the intercooler is often blocked by sludge (hydraulic oil overflows from the steering oil tank), etc., which hinders the heat dissipation of the intercooler, so the place should be cleaned regularly. The interior of the car intercooler is usually attached to dirt such as sludge, so it also needs to be cleaned and maintained. Generally, it is cleaned once a year or when the engine or water tank is repaired. The cleaning method is to rinse with alkaline water.

The purpose of a car radiator is to keep the engine at normal operating temperature. Air in the radiator, water in the radiator, and internal combustion engine exhaust heat convection are all part of this process. The radiator cooling fan helps circulate air through the system, while anti-freezing liquid keeps everything from freezing up during cold weather conditions.

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