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Classification of the Car Radiator and Introduction of the Vertical Flow Radiator

Classification of car radiators and introduction of vertical flow radiators

1. Classification of the car radiator

For the calculation of the heat dissipation area of the car radiator, there are different calculation methods according to the structure of the car radiator. According to the structure of the car radiator, the car radiator for sale can be divided into two types: tube fin and gilled tube types. Generally, the car radiator can be divided into vertical flow and cross flow car radiator according to the flow direction of the medium.

2. Vertical flow radiator in the type of car radiator

The direction of the water flow of the vertical flow wholesale car radiator is from top to bottom. It is usually composed of an automobile radiator core, upper and lower water chambers, corresponding side plates, and windshield. Among them, the upper water chamber is generally equipped with water inlet pipes (ports) and water filling ports, and the water filling port is equipped with an overflow pipe. The radiator core is composed of upper and lower main boards (sheets), radiating tubes, and radiating belts (sheets); the drain chamber is equipped with a water outlet pipe and a water drain switch.

The inlet and outlet pipes on the upper and lower water chambers are respectively connected with the outlet pipe on the engine cylinder head and the water inlet of the water pump to form the water circulation system of the engine. When the water temperature and pressure inside the car radiator are high (50Kpa), the steam valve in the nozzle cover is opened, and the internal coolant enters the auxiliary kettle through the overflow pipe as temporary storage. When the internal pressure is low (vacuum degree 0.98-11.2Kpa), the vacuum valve in the nozzle cover is opened and the coolant in the auxiliary kettle will return to the interior of the car radiator under pressure.

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