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Car Intercooler

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to when Choosing a Car Intercooler?

For ordinary users, when the car intercooler needs to be replaced due to a collision or other reasons, they only need to replace the same parts as the original car. However, for users who wish to modify the original turbocharging system to increase the power of the engine, there are many things that need attention in the selection and installation of car intercoolers.

1. The structure of the car intercooler

Generally speaking, car intercoolers can be divided into original exchange type and large-capacity modified type. The specifications of the original exchange type car intercooler are not much different from the original car intercooler. The difference is only in the structure of the internal circulation pipe and the heat sink, which is suitable for vehicles that have not been modified by the original factory or where the modification range is not large. For a large-capacity modified automotive intercooler, in addition to increasing the heat dissipation area, the pressure loss of the intake air must be taken into account, but it is generally necessary to re-match the connecting pipeline and the fastening kit.

2. The cooling efficiency of the car intercooler

The car intercooler uses a large number of circulation pipes to divide the compressed air, and then achieves the purpose of cooling through the outside air circulation. But because the longer the classic car radiators pipe is, the more likely it is to cause the problem of intake pressure loss, and there will be lag in turbocharging. The cooling efficiency and air pressure loss of the car intercooler mainly depend on the circulation tube and heat sink in the heat dissipation core of the intercooler. Therefore, a high-performance car intercooler should have these two points: (1) The circulation tube, use a structure with a thick tube diameter but a thin tube wall. A thicker pipe diameter can reduce the resistance of air circulation, and a thin pipe wall can effectively improve the heat dissipation capacity. (2) Heat sink, in order to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the car intercooler, it is necessary to increase the area where the heat sink contacts the outside air. In order to achieve this goal, the heat sink is designed into various shapes, among which wave-shaped or louver-shaped heat sinks are the most common.

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